Just Shapes & Beats

No, they are shapes. You do you tho.

We worked hard to avoid any demonetization claims, but if you do, please contact us, we’ll do our best to get it sorted out if we can.

No, they are not. This is all due to desync. The difference in the internet connection speed between the players is so different that the game has a hard time synching everyone and that causes the game to skip, sometimes, entire levels. And since other players are not in the same place in the level that you are, you are seeing them going through pink without taking any damage.

Not at the moment, we have plenty to choose from already!

For now, never, we’d much rather focus on telling stories and handcraft kickass levels than to work on a tool.

Unfortunately, the game does not have crossplay. You can only play with people using the same platform as you.

First of all, be sure that your drivers are up-to-date and restart your computer. If that doesn’t fix you problem, please follow those steps to fix it :

  1. Launch Steam and go to the Library.
  2. Right Click on Just Shapes and Beats and select Properties.
  3. Select Launch Options and Copy Paste the following; -force-glcore
  4. Copy the entire line in the field including the ”-” at the beginning. Press Ok and launch the game.

If that doesn’t work, instead of -forceglcore, try the followings one at a time:

Short answer: The franchise is not dead.

Long Answer: Since we are a small team, we can not work on multiple games at a time, that’s why we couldn’t update the game for a long time. For the last few years, our manpower was put on Infernax. We love the franchise and we intend to keep it alive. But as for now, we have nothing to announce. You can read more in that twitter thread made by Lachhh.

Sadly we can’t transfer game keys from one platform to the other.

There is no dog.


This game contains mature themes that may not be suitable for everyone, ragging from saucy language, acts of violence in the name of justice, copious amounts of gore and half clothed demain people of varying degrees of attractiveness.

Fans made a helpful wiki about the game. You will probably find what you need there: https://infernax.fandom.com/wiki/Infernax_Wiki


No, you can’t. All the visuals and songs made for our games belong to Berzerk Studio and are not free to use.

Yes, you can. BUT (big but), our games are not made to support mods, so we are asking players not to use them in a public game online because they might cause the game to bug and ruin the experience for the other players. Distributions or sales of your mods is another thing. Please contact us if you are planning to do so.

For level editors of JSB, we allow people to build their own at the condition that you are not sharing it or sharing the playable levels with anyone. You can share videos of your creations as that will count as fanart.

More info soon in our Fan-Creation Policy document.

It depends. More info soon in our Fan-Creation Policy document.

Old Flash Games

We collected what we have that is still playable and put them all on Steam under Berzerk Flashback.

Sadly we are not …

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