At Berzerk, making games is in our blood

...pretty sure that’s not supposed to be in there.

Since its inception in the dark and moldy basement of our fearless art director somewhere in the snow covered region of Quebec in Canada, the studio has been bringing educative in all the wrong places games filled with protein stuffed meats, sturdy metal hats and eardrum shattering metal soundtracks to a gray world that had been flooded with very un-metal products with almost no meat references, not to mention very few hats. 

In the last few years, the studio expanded its horizons, and successfully, made the move toward consoles and PC powered games. What is the future holding for us? More of what we are doing best: making games.

Simon AKA Lachhh

Co-founder / Programmer / Game director

Coder extraordinaire, public speaker, advice giver, baby maker, proficient with Microsoft Words, half man half golden retriever. Lachhh is the human swiss knife behind the zeros and ones of our games and the core of the “Berzerk Feel™”.

As if managing a gaming studio for over 15 years wasn’t enough, he also runs a Ninja warrior gym, because reasons.


Co-founder / Artist / Animator / Game director

If at first you don’t succeed, eat and absorb the power of someone who did before you. Those are words that Marc would love to live by, but he once heard that human flesh tastes like chicken, and real men only eat red meat, EVERYBODY knows that.

Master of the pen, it is rumored that anything he draws can make a grown man cry and a fertile woman’s eggs drop in astonishment. Why was she carrying loose eggs in the first place I have no idea but that is what I heard from a most reliable source.


Co-founder / Artist / Animator / Game director

Once upon a time, a mighty god combined a violent volcanic eruption, thunderous lightning, a world ending tsunami and the spirit of all the most dangerous animals that ever existed. He then imbued the result into the strongest boy he could find. The brown haired child grew up to be the fiercest man in history, every man wanted to be him, and so did most of the women.

That’s unfortunately not Etienne, but if you asked REALLY nicely I’m sure he could draw something just as cool for you.



10% man, 90% coffee and doughnuts, Mike is the guy you meet at shows, shake hands with during corporate events, chat to when you email us, and who will take the fall if any one of us commits a crime; it’s convenient really, because he’s also the one most prone to commit crimes in the first place.

When he’s not busy trying to sneak his dumb jokes into our marketing materials, you can find him staring into the distance, sad Pablo Escobar style, thinking about the next dumb joke he can make us say, and we can’t really stop him.


Artist / UI & Graphic designer

Ex-Queen of the Discord, full time purple lover, Em graphic design skills are known far and wide across the lands of Quebec.

She’s touched most gaming projects in the city and it is believed that she can spot a misaligned pixel from a mile away. And by “believed” I mean she totally can, I’d know as she has corrected my stuff for the past ten years, tormenting my very existence with her absolute perfection.



Berzerk’s second most prolific baby maker only by timestamp, Oli makes our games run tight like a tiger on every platform imaginable. Rumor has it that he once ported a game on the Wii U off the clock, for fun; a wise man once said that the textbook definition of insanity is to do the same thing twice expecting a different result, and also porting things on the Wii U for fun.

That wise man was me, what the heck Oli.



Not much is known about the elusive FX, even his name, “FX”, what kind of parents name their child two capital letters that can’t even be pronounced.

Some say he’s actually an alligator in disguise, masquerading as a human coder to slowly gain our trust and eventually eat us, but he’d turned out to actually enjoy making games so he’d put his murderous intent on ice; which is good, because I’d genuinely prefer to remain un-devoured.


Lead QA

Jack of all trades… okay maybe not all trades, but at least most trades; the trades that matter to him, he’s the Jack of those trades.

When he’s not making sure that we’re not shipping broken games you can find him surrounded by his court of pugs, crushing his enemies at his local hobby store with his army of minis, or on a stage belching oddly erotic lyrics about sausages and Gerard Butler.


QA / Level Designer

Former cop, teacher, linesman, possibly still one of the Queen’s secret agents (he says he’s not and that she’s dead, but that’s exactly what one of the Queen’s secret agent would say), Aleck is the one you have to blame for almost every stage in Just Shapes & Beats that are just way too dang hard.

Fun fact: I don’t think I’ve ever heard him swear, which is either testament to his upstanding character, or to my inability to listen to people when they talk.


Marketing Guy

Hunter is a giant nerd located on his ancestral lands somewhere in the heart of the American Southwest, where he lives surrounded by a large collection of vintage RPG books, many typewriters, and exactly two cats.

He runs the Berzerk social media accounts, and is the other, and arguably better, half of the marketing team. Hunter was also one of the primary writers for Infernax.


Queen of Numbers

Janine, stewart of the Berzerk financial universe, empress of numbers, the payroll overlord. Berzerk first and best employee, or so I’m forced to say if I don’t want my paycheck to “accidentally” get lost or “mistakenly” donated to a puppy shelter.

She’s the one holding this house of cards of a company together, making sure we don’t forget to be adults for once in our lives and saves us when we get our cards cloned for the 10th time this quarter; seriously guys can we stop buying garbage off of shady sites, she has enough on her plate and we can’t really replace her.